Working Days

Following our adventurous visits to the site, we had a couple of good, hard working days in the tent. Now we had PLENTY to get sorted out – What should be our main point, how should we organise them into sheets and film – WHAT are we going to do?

As we were a big group, there were a lot of thoughts and ideas to discuss to get things sorted out. It was important for all of us to work as a group, so we used the entire Thursday as discussion-day. We decided on having a main focus on the community in “The Barras”-area.

Now there was no time to fool around. We separated into groups to produce material for the project as productively as possible. Groups began thinking about ideas for footage to the film; architectural proposals; how to make the sheets and how to direct the film.

After the days of solid, hard work, we still had some more exploring and observing to do in “The Barras”. We wanted to take a look at how the area is during the weekend, when the market was open.

Our group decided to take a third visit to “The Barras”. As they say, Three time’s a charm.


September 18th 10:53 am