The Video – 9D

Our first concepts for our video began with the idea of treating the buildings as you would treat people. A memento mori type of tradition, represented in visual form by someone passing all these decrepit and at risk buildings, before arriving at a graveyard, leaving flowers, and at our building graveyard where bricks and beams are being left. As to represent how these buildings would be memorialised in the same treatment humans have.

However, with the much more radical idea to obliterate the buildings if nothing is being done about them, some of our footage had to be adapted. Thankfully our brilliant creative minds worked out a way to use the footage that we had already shot – in reverse.

Flowers are used to pay respects to people – disrespecting the flowers would then show your lack of care to said person, or in this case, said buildings. It would start out with the flowers taken from the graveyard, as to symbolise the lack of care for the buildings, that no respects will be payed to them anymore. The ¬†flowers are then taken through the city, past all these disregarded and uncared for buildings, sure to be soon demolished. Ending in arriving at the site of Howden’s – the Building Cemetery – where others are waiting in like to throw away parts of memorable buildings, just as the flowers are to be thrown away, evident by the tossing of them straight into the bin. No care to them, just as there has been no care to the at risk buildings.

September 18th 3:47 pm