“The Space”

Our visit to a nearby building – “The Space” – informed us of all the work currently in place to try and repair the damaged society nearby.

Starting from nothing, no help from the government, no water, no electricity or
toilets, they have transformed the building into a community Centre. Their
ambition is to help people around them: Help with food, drink, living space,
mental health and entertainment.

Their affordable cafe operates under the phrase “pay what you feel”, and have no
set prices for the menu, asking only for a donation in return. All food and drinks
offered are healthy and vegan!

In the four years since The Space has opened, they have impressively managed to pay off their personal loans. In order to help them pay this off, they offer
affordable studio space in the floors above to artists of all ages!

The surrounding community do everything they can to support them, anything
from helping behind the counter to carpentry and designing the interior.

The Space understands what they want to do to help others, but they need an
architect’s vision in order to direct them, and that’s where we come in!

September 18th 10:45 am