Robertson’s MPD

Group 7a:


Robertson Street suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. It has two sides, and plays two characters. During the day, its lack of diverse use makes it strictly catered towards business personnel. Looking up and down the street, almost every person is dressed in the same “professional attire” marching to and from the office. The only hint of art to the scene is the single mural on the wooden construction barricades adjacent to the framed promotional advertisements highlighting new music and events coming to town.

As dusk approaches, Robertson Street takes on a new form, it becomes even more lifeless. Revolving doors are halted, workers gone home, and the number of cars that zip down the street with headlights blaring outnumber pedestrians even on weekend nights. Group 7a wanted to highlight Robertson’s somber mood by taking our skit to the streets on Sunday evening.


September 18th 7:36 am