Response to site and further discussions

Initially we were struck by a lack of pedestrian crossings  and the general inaccessibility on foot. The changes as you walk in a direct line from the GSA to Tradeston are palpable, with a line of foliage demarking where pedestrianised area ends. The locale has been wholeheartedly delegated to transport, and the visual landscape is choc a bloc with signage, advertising and branding. With the windows boarded up, the building itself is monolithic, a dark and solid mass.

Our first ideas delved into the theme of advertising, and we reimagined the obsolete brand of The Clydesdale Paint company as prominent on the skyline. We imagined the tower as a vivid and prominent beacon. We wondered about breaking up this solidity, creating some sort of transparency and framework and space by deconstructing and reconstructing it, taking inspiration from Lebbeus Woods. We wondered about bringing some fun into the building, toying with spirals and bubble cars and playgrounds. We considered the ecology of the building already, the plants and birdnests, how to enhance that. We thought about repurposing the car park next to the Paint Works as an underground vault, carving out a slice of the landscape. Lots of questions came up, what would this area be like without cars? Is this building of worth? If everything was washed away, what would be the significance of the building? Faced with imminent threat, what is our first instinct?

September 18th 4:52 pm