Murals – Team 8C

A very striking feature of the locale are the two large murals at the gable ends of a row of tenements along the upper part of Hight Street. They were both painted by an artist named Smug and are modern depictions of St Enoch and St Mungo, two of Glasgow’s saints.

St Mungo Mural by Smug

An early concept we came up with was the idea of adding a mural to the side of the Linen Bank in order to draw attention to it, as we noticed it was visible from the Trongate crossing but due to the materials used would be difficult to distinguish from its surrounding. We also hoped that a mural would help the area tie in with the rest of the city as it would be an addition to the mural trails that guides people across the city. This idea was eventually put aside when we decided to concentrate more on the locale as a whole; High Street.

St Enoch Mural by Smug

September 18th 4:59 pm