Meet the Team: 7a

Group 7a:

Lesley Khoo is a stage 3 student from the island country of Singapore.

Adam Spreckley is from Nottingham, England and a stage 4 arch student who has spend the past two years working in London.

Iskren Ivanov is the other stage 3 student in group 7a who is from Bulgaria. If you can’t tell from the photo, he really enjoyed wearing this outfit in public.

Mentor Voyatzakis is a stage 1 fresher from Greece who is just beginning his journey as a young designer. He really tried to pinch the biker coming down the street but that didn’t work out as planned.

João Queiroga is a stage 4 student here on exchange for the semester from Portugal, and was one of our videographers.

Ryan Franchak is the third stage 4 architecture student for group 7a. He is from New Mexico in the US and did the photography/filmmaking on Robertson Street.


With what our group lacks in gender diversity we make up for in ethnic representation. Group 7a also contains members Noor Ul Ain Malik, who is a M.Arch student here from Pakistan; Koray Bakirkure, a stage 2 student from Turkey who has had previous architecture schooling in the US; and Sarunas Semulis who is our stage 5 student from Lithuania. These three individuals could not be present at the time the portraits were taken, but their contribution to the project could not go unrecognized.


September 18th 8:07 am