Lion Chambers

Lion Chambers is a building of unique composition and construction. Its value is reflected in its A-listed status. Since 2009 the building has stood inactive; its studios deserted, its windows blinded, its doorways barred, and its facade peeling and crumbling. Graffiti and posters decorate its lower floors, its porches host a city dump. The resident pigeons wonder at their luck while nesting sheltered and undisturbed in the upper floors.

The slumbering building’s aura seeps out into the streets. The air of neglect spreads insidiously along the pavements and up the walls. Pedestrians hurry by while inside the delicate walls and light-filled rooms disintegrate with no one to witness their last stand. The clock is ticking.

In the interim there is stagnation. Lion Chambers is in limbo. What if we sell it? What if we raze it? What if we restore it? What if we replace it? …or what if we risk nothing at all?

September 18th 10:26 am