Leyland Motor Company-6C

Leyland Motor Company located on 140 Salkeld Street on the southside of Glasgow was probably* designed by James Miller in 1933. The B-listed art deco building was built as the Glasgow home for Leyland Motor Company with the original plan comprising of offices along the east and north periphery, joined at the corner by a four-storey curved fronted tower. The original plans indicate the rear of the building as space allocated for the services department, which reflects the current use of the building today as a garage, indicative of the prevailing industry within the area. For a few years the building leant itself to 30 individual horses stables used by the Strathclyde police mounted and dog branch until the horses vacated the premises for more suitable accommodation in 2008. Since 2012 the building has been predominately empty, in consequence the facade has been subjected to vandalism and graffiti, and the periphery of the locale susceptible to fly tipping. The buildings west and south facing facades is framed by the recently completed M74 overpass, leaving leftover unoccupied spaces scarring the already desolated area which is devoid of any public space and activity.

September 18th 7:59 pm