Layland Motor Company – 6B


The Layland Motor Company is an art-deco styled industrial building and one of many abandoned warehouses and industrial spaces in and around the locale just south of the river Clyde. The site is characterised by harsh boundaries which separate it from the city; an effect of the heavy infrastructure that facilitates high speed transport links and the private nature of industrial sites. The main rail line to Glasgow Central Station running parallel to Eglinton street separates Tradeston, where the warehouse is located, from Laurieston with very few crossing points. The more recent M74 overpass cuts through the heart of this industrial zone, dominates what lies beneath and is in conflict with the existing arrangement of the roads and blocks. The lack of amenities and variety in the industrial locale has placed it in a state of limbo in what is a relatively central point of the city; just a five minute walk south of the river. During the week, the roadside is lined with parked cars, left by commuters who will then walk or use the subway to get to their workplaces in the city centre. The existing businesses in the area include garages, building merchants, catering services, various wholesalers and a gas company. The most recent occupiers of the Motor company was the Strathclyde Police Mounted Branch who vacated the premises in 2012. Staff in the building merchants across the road noted that there has been a noticeable rise in crime in the area since they relocated, with smashed windows, graffiti and fly tipping on the the roadside being common sights throughout this industrial zone. A small cafe on a neighbouring street and the occasional food truck are the only public ‘social’ spaces offered to those who work in the area, and are unlikely to attract neighbouring residents.

September 18th 12:21 pm