Is escaping being in limbo ?

The piano showroom is everywhere at the same time. It has a face on Sauchiehall street and on Renfrew Street. What is going on between these two facades ? Showroom, cinemas, softporn cinema, clubs. This place has many secrets and memories. We tried to understand why people were actually coming to this place. And the answer was: TO ESCAPE.

We developed this idea and took it to other scales and thought of what escapism could be and mean. Its relation to time, movement, visions, etc.

Zooming out, we realised that this area of the city was right next to the motorway, dividing the city in two parts: the Centre and the West End. Considering the motorway as a limbo place, could it therefore become a place to escape, just like the piano showroom ?

(Group 1D)

September 18th 11:51 am