Initial Thoughts and Concepts (5D)

We first looked at the original use of the building as a warehouse. We looked at synonyms of the word warehouse, and due to it’s neoclassical architectural style, we were inclined to use the synonym agora which means a gathering space in Greek. Thus we were inspired to look at the site as a potential market space. Markets can play a key role in wider policy agendas such as addressing social inclusion and healthy eating. They can additionally, offer possibilities not just for local economic growth, but for people to mingle with each other and become accustomed to each other’s differences in a public space – thereby acting as a potential focal point for communities that could revitalise space. This ties in with the theme of risk in Glasgow, as the social divide and injustice that exists poses a huge risk to society within the city. Our initial design ideas consisted of using a modular design with multiple levels to utilise the height of the facade and to provide visual interest and diversity. Each module would contain various market spaces, cafes, restaurants, public seating areas etc to provide a relaxed and welcoming environment to the otherwise monotonous, corporate locale. The original essence of the city is quickly disappearing, with more and more historical sites falling into disrepair. Thus this idea tackled the concept of risk by paying homage to the city’s significant industrial past. Additionally, this idea would provide a space in which goods can be sold in a enjoyable yet affordable environment. Statistically, people of lower income are more likely to work in trade or manual jobs. We would be providing them with a sociable environment in which to trade. Thus creating a space in which people of all walk of life can mingle.

September 18th 6:26 pm