Initial observations and research – Team 8C

British Linen Bank building front façade

The building was built in 1895 and originally housed a branch of the British Linen Company Bank. After that the bank housed a fruit merchant on the ground floor which had been converted to a store. It isn’t clear if any other businesses were housed in the building in-between, but the building is now occupied by Civic Room (a non-profit gallery that is currently in the process of restructuring itself, leaving the building’s ground floor empty). There are also flats located on the upper floors of the building. A plague on the side of the building commemorates Scottish poet Thomas Campbell who once lived on the site.

Poet Thomas Campbell commemorative plaque

The building lies on High Street which was medieval Glasgow’s primary street connecting Trongate and the Clyde, with the Cathedral. However, as Glasgow grew its center moved, and High Street now lies on the edges of the East End with a large portion of its old shop buildings replaced by newer editions, and more being constructed.

September 18th 4:55 pm