Initial Ideas

After going to the site a couple times,  we started to get a real understanding of the existing  community and the building as a whole. we all expressed our ideas in different ways; when one might be taking a photo of the 520 building,overlaying it with tracing paper and doing a simplified outline of it in pen: to get a better understanding of the site, another might be “exploding” each section of the building and trying to figure out, how to utilise the space effectively to get more people to the site


We also used the site plan as a template, to have a rough idea of the building’s size and to have a fair idea on what they inside of the building would have looked like , due to time constraints, we were unable to take exact  measurements ourselves. After each member came up with an idea, we tried to merge everyone’s design concept into one; the recurring theme was private, semi-private and  public space. However, as a group we decided to convert the building into mainly a golf course(public space) with a few private spaces , as it would appeal to a broader target market and it also has its own call to action.

(Group 1A)

September 18th 12:22 pm