Group 4D Site Visit

The group was struck by the dramatic sweep of the motorway encroaching on the site- invasive and yet not uninteresting or unpleasant. It doesn’t ruin the back space of what is now a car park, but does have an almost alarming sense of presence. We were also taken with the vegetation and graffiti that add an interesting dynamism to the old playground.

In terms of sound, the noise of the cars was dominant, but steady dripping of rainwater off the pipes and light birdsong occasionally caught our attention. We felt the site had potential as an edgy urban art scene, or a children’s park/playground, but were oppressed by the feeling of vehicular dominance on the motorway and surrounding us in the car park. Their presence was impossible to ignore or overcome. We had to turn our focus from ignoring to embracing them. As a group we discussed what caught and held our attention most, and by throwing ideas out and giving each careful consideration we came to a consensus which allowed us to begin ideas for a specific proposal.

September 18th 11:44 am