Group 4D Precedent Research

  1. Ahmedabad Bridge Under space Development sought to reclaim the the space under four bridges. Their aims were;
  • Create well-lit, cohesive public spaces such as parks, shaded seating areas, food courts, gathering spaces, plazas and play areas.
  • Provide vending opportunities in dense neighbourhoods through kiosks, markets and vending zones to attract the public.
  • Improve overall pedestrian connectivity.
  • Insert public facilities such as auto rickshaw stands, public toilets and strategic parking.
  • Facilitate use of these spaces by lighting, signage and waste collection.
  • Improve linkages across the bridge under-spaces by redesigning road intersections under the bridge.

An example of their intention;

Another project with relevance to our own proposal, designed by Fernando Abellanas, is a studio located under a bridge in Valencia. The bridge acts as a roof and walls for the “covert hideout”. He suggested a similar design for homeless shelters to be posted around the city.


A simpler solution can be found at the Barrio Logan bridge. The State of California announced plans to build a highway patrol station on the same land where the city had promised to build a park. The community mobilised itself and occupied the construction site for 12 days. An agreement between residents and the city was eventually reached when the city agreed to acquire the site from the state and develop it as a community park. In April of 1973, a handful of artists and 500 painters converged on the park and painted four colourful murals on the bridges’ pillars as a way of marking the event and celebrating Chicano identity;   

2 The most applicable precedents we have found came from Superstudio, an Italian Architecture firm founded in the 196’0s by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. It was celebrated as an important contributor to the late 1960’s Radical Architectural movement, and gives an example of the drastic raised infrastructure proposal we were imagining.


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