Group 4D Our Proposal

The group decided that the drama of this image couldn’t be ignored, and we came to the conclusion that as the area has been irreversibly changed by this alteration- why not go ten steps further? We envisioned a Glasgow where all roads and car parks were raised as high off the ground as this one, or higher. The road network, which takes up so much space on the ground, can be moved to the sky, hereby solving all public space and pedestrian problems. Our satirical plan for large scale infrastructure redevelopment is darkened by a very real and present worry we all share; what will our cities look like in the future? Will it be a place for pedestrians to enjoy, or will our streets be dominated by vehicles on an even more alarming scale? We worry already that walking has been deemed outmoded and pedestrians are no longer a priority in city planning, and though we accept we may not have created the perfect answer, we hope with our proposal to remind Glasgow that an answer does need to be found.With that aim in mind we present ‘Taking the High Road’.

September 18th 6:50 pm