Group 13D : Site Visit


Group 13 reached the site by individual ways from home and started to explore the old church ruin. Along the closed railway next to the building, the site gives a  quiet and still air around the area. Even though it is no more used, its distinctive atmosphere embrace us to look it up in detail. The “Greek” Thomson’s eclectic design with Ionic columns still remains on the South façade.

Since it was built in 1856, the church may take a significant role of attracting people from various places not only from the local area. After the fire by vandalism, the site context has been drastically changed with the demographic factors and a local trend. Apart from the refined residential buildings from the East side of the site, a current building stands on an isolated locale between two traffic roads. A building door is just occasionally open to the public for a short time now.

As one of the remains by a pre-eminent architect from Glasgow, Caledonia Road Church still have a important value in its location and architectural form. Our group considered the potential of site with a thought about the problematic risks upon the site.

September 18th 10:47 pm