Graffiti and the locale-6C

Leyland Motor Company at present is a forgotten building within a forgotten area-harshly bounded at its peripheries by transportation, the railway to its east and north periphery and the M74 hovering along the south-west facade. The building has been in the heart of an area which is rich in transportation and automotive industry, at present leaving the area unforgiving to the pedestrian scale and pace. The preceding indication of human activity away from the enclave of a fast moving metal shell is the graffiti which drapes the facade of the buildings.

An interview with renowned graffiti artist Smug gave an insight into the relationship graffiti artists have using the urban realm as a canvas, and acted as a springboard in the theme of graffiti within our objective. How graffiti is perceived by the public has accelerated away from an illegal act on the city, and can be used as a tool to revitalise an area. The relationship the locale has with graffiti could be transformed by using it as a tool to attract interest to the forgotten locale and begin a conversation within a forgotten area starved of community.

September 18th 9:44 am