From Industry to Eden (14A)

Located south of the Clyde and within walking distance of The Gorbals, our building St Andrews Printing Works en-captures some of Glasgow’s industrial past. The building was was constructed during the height of the Industrial Revolution and was originally used as a power plant. And whilst our team held great appreciation for the Victorian Architecture, we felt we wanted to explore the harsh realities of working in such an environment.

To express this view, we decided to include a narrative of the workers into our video, displaying how the building and its changes influenced their lives. Specifically for our film we are going to show these changes through one family across three generations.

After the Power plant was closed around 1930, parts of the building was then used as a Printing Works, under the name St. Andrews. The M74 was constructed in the early 1960’s within close proximity of the factory which also created a large shift in the local area.

However the printing works closed in around 15 years ago and since then the building has been out of use. Inspired by the industrial past we envisioned transforming the space into a walled garden. We felt this idea could create a new space allowing the community, such as our Family to reconnect with the building. Whilst also combating risks we face today, such as climate change, as our walled garden could work against these issues. Particularly as the industrial past of the building could have contributed to such issues.


Historic photograph of St Andrews

Our inspiration the Sky Garden London

September 18th 7:10 pm