First Visit to the British Linen Bank | Team 8D

View from the South, with the High Street in the background

The British Linen Bank is a Frayed end of a once continuous ribbon of tenements and shopfronts, leading one’s eye up the city’s historic – not so well preserved – High Street.Now it stands precariously amongst looming giants such as the nearly completed “Moxy” hotel adjacent to it on the street.

Interviewing local business owners on this street brought the consequences which these high rise developments are having on the local community into startling relief. Community is fading away, under the oppressive shadow of corporate developments.

The building stands on the divide between the quickly modernising South end of the street, and the North end which clings lovingly onto fragments of the once closely knit community. It became apparent to our team on the first site visit that this was the most vulnerable character of the locale. The British Linen Bank is neither stuck in history or brought into the status quo. It is a petrified memory, and one which must be treated with sensitivity if the current trend of its locale is to be stopped.



September 18th 6:06 pm