During the survey we find out that most people didn’t really have an opinion on the site, (maybe because they were students that just moved in).However, there was one person who thought all the buildings both on Sauchiehall Street and Renfrew street should be demolished; as he believed it was a waste of space and he also believed the streets should be painted in bright colours. As we know, sauchiehall street is mainly populated by students who come because of  the cheap bars and cafes.  From the research we carried out, we found out sauchiehall hall street  was a lot busier at 7:00pm than at 10:00am because people were coming back from work, going in and out of bars and finally trying to enjoy the solitude of the city; the construction workers had stopped working at that time. However the picture above doesn’t exactly showcase the business of the street. 

(Group 1A)

September 18th 10:42 am