Egyptian Halls Site Visit

On the 18th of September we spent some time at the site soaking in the atmosphere. A brisk walk under the scaffolding revealed a memorial plaque hidden behind the bracing, a fitting symbol of the effect the scaffolding has had on the historical building.

Glasgow’s Heritage Trail in all its glory

Seeking a better vantage point we took a trip to the lighthouse, a long walk to travel such a short distance as the crow flies, separated by the desolate canyon that is Union Place. To get a better look at the building itself we crossed Mitchell Street to the roof of the car park, where we could see corpses of pidgeons trapped in the windows and below in Union Place people scavenged for used needles.

Pidgeons lost forever to the Egyptian Halls’ windows

Debris left in Union Place

All this a mere minutes away from the bustling shoppers on Buchanan Street, out the back door of Central Station and sat in the shadow of the Lighthouse. The problem is clearly not the location, but the condition of the streetscape and the oppressive scale of the permanent scaffolding, hiding a heritage landmark behind a monumental advert for eBay.

Thompson’s intricate detailing and its modern counterpart

September 18th 11:30 am