Eat your greens.

Approaching with the next rising sun is our last day in the tent. The finale, anticipated as much as the GBBO, will bring the last of this year’s Vertical Project Star Baker. Snippets of work from other groups have been appearing here, on Instagram and as unwanted extra sheets around the printers (for all we know somebody might actually be baking, from the amount of pages covered in tiny little cupcake images accumulating on every spare surface of the space).

But we should talk about our project, shouldn’t we? A port for the drifting mind and spirit formulated into a new brave, radical proposal. Tomorrow’s Earth, a new religious movement, holding it’s headquarters at the site of 140 Salkeld Street. For now the building itself is a mere set of drawings, however the ideology took a strong hold over our minds and hopefully tomorrow – yours too. Look out for salad green paper. It’s only common knowledge vegetables are better for you than sweets.

September 18th 7:17 pm