Discussion – 9A

Our brain was fried when it came to how we were going to go about the project especially when it came to the video making part. The only thing that helped us to stay alive during this time was lots of coffees and teas. At first, we were discussing the site, talking about the history and it came to our intentions that the history of the building would be our focal point for the project “At Risk”. With that being said we were not going to ignore the future of the site either. The future for the Howden was stemming towards a housing development. We were “against” this idea as the street lacks a sense of community and it is in an awkward location. However, we thought a housing complex would also be a good idea as this could mean more people would pay more attention to the street and maybe make the street less daunting especially at night.

Originally, we discussed questions relating to the site such as What will happen to the building? Will the developer keep the building? Is it a good idea for a housing development? Aesthetically, we would love if some part of the façade would still remain – as it has distinctive curvatures and interesting ranges of building heights. The building had an extremely rich history, for example ship building and engines therefore it would be a good idea to put things such as ship engines into the video.

We then worked out how the questions could be incorporated into the clip. This was not the only idea for the video; we also thought it would be interesting to include our journey to the site.

Later that day we had our Q&A. We were relieved to find out that our final outcome doesn’t have to have a definite answer or outcome and it could be anything we like.



September 18th 3:09 pm