Characteristics + Collage

Group: 7a


An architectural intervention does not necessarily mean a building. Making a change and a difference can come with even a subtle gesture. As we dive deeper into the static characteristics of Robertson Street, we also submerge our minds into the notion of what this locale can be. The content of the locale is dry, buildings all look the same with their shiny and reflective surfaces, but 71-75 Robertson appears as the remaining link to the past on this street.

Our simple to the solution to save this street is to bring activity to the area after peak hours. The International Financial Services District does not have a pulse when the employees go home, and thus group 7a’s solution is to open the street up to activities that promote community gathering. As highlighted in the graphic, this can come in the form of a dinner party. While we may have chose to picture one way to showcase life on the street after hours, the possibilities are endless and all depend on the time of year and the intention of the event.

September 18th 9:33 am