Buildings At Refuge – 9D

After exploring the wider locale around our site. It was noticed that there were more buildings at risk. One that particularly stood out to us was the Citizens Theatre. It was not at risk in the sense of the others, because it was undergoing works to right any risk that was there. However, it was due to the risks that could become bigger that it has had to undergo such treatments. This then added risk of closing for 2 years, for losing custom for 2 years, and risking 2 years of bankruptcy and demolition of the community they had built.

Thus, we proposed a Building Refuge. The site on which stood Howdens Works, would become a place of sanctuary for the citizens theatre whilst they undergo renovations. If a performance has no home, we will provide for it. Not only will it help them whilst they go through their own changes, but it will also help attract more people to our smaller local and possibly even start to build a wider artistic community around Scotland Street.

Precedents included ‘Theatre on the Fly’ a creation by assemble of a makeshift performance space – a temporary venue for a season of new theatre. Ours would not resemble such a protective, sturdy and built up structure, and would instead be housed under the rickety roof of the former Howdens Factory, however that was the risk we wanted to keep. With that general concept still remaining similar – a temporary home for a theatre.

We also realised we could make this expand to the even wider community that would include all of Glasgow. Creating an initiative to be a temporary salvage centre and buffer space for local buildings that need a temporary home, relative to their own locale. Eg. in Howdens we propose a refuge for nearby citizens theatre – which requires a space during its 2 year restoration, building a temporary home with seats and staging. Other places needing salvage may include, the art school, the 02 abc and Victorias night club, all of which could be rehoused temporarily in an at risk building within their locale.

We also felt this could follow the theme of risk – risking if it will work, or still remain empty, risks for the wider community of its success or controversy, and risking creating a new community – how that might function, as well as the risk of providing something temporary and on such short notices in such at risk places.



September 18th 12:39 pm