Pipe Factory Bain Street

Final Days

With the deadline closing in, we felt confident that we would finish on time! Our sheets were nearing completion, but there was no time to mess around.

After endless days of blood, sweat and tears, our hard work paid off as our little community finally had something to show for ourselves. Many early mornings meeting at The Barras, long hard days slaving away at the tent and sleepless nights at home our project had finally come to a close.

By studying communities and uniting as one ourselves, we learned how difficult it can be to do what needs to be done – difficult, but not impossible.

September 18th 12:58 pm

Third Visit

How was “the (well-known) Barras”-market during the weekend? Pretty decent! We went there on a sunny Sunday morning.

There was definitely a great change of atmosphere compared to the lousy weekdays. Now people actually were there!

The streets were filled with market stalls, it really was nice. It was weird seeing the difference in activity between weekday and weekend. We used the day exploring the area, getting a better insight view by interviewing people and getting footage from the area. We ended our visit with some food at the very fancy, very hipster B.A.A.D cafe

September 18th 10:57 am


The one thing that truly stood out to us on our visits was the community – or lack
of it. The surrounding locale felt desolate, empty and sad.

This got us thinking – what can we do to change that? How could we start to bring
the attention away from Buchanan street and draw it towards The Barras?

The sense of community, however, did shine through when we took a visit on a
sunny Sunday afternoon. The market was flooded! It was incredible to see the
transformation of the space from the weekday to weekend. The energy and sense
of community was so strong! What could we do in order to draw people there all
the time?

September 18th 10:54 am

Working Days

Following our adventurous visits to the site, we had a couple of good, hard working days in the tent. Now we had PLENTY to get sorted out – What should be our main point, how should we organise them into sheets and film – WHAT are we going to do?

As we were a big group, there were a lot of thoughts and ideas to discuss to get things sorted out. It was important for all of us to work as a group, so we used the entire Thursday as discussion-day. We decided on having a main focus on the community in “The Barras”-area.

Now there was no time to fool around. We separated into groups to produce material for the project as productively as possible. Groups began thinking about ideas for footage to the film; architectural proposals; how to make the sheets and how to direct the film.

After the days of solid, hard work, we still had some more exploring and observing to do in “The Barras”. We wanted to take a look at how the area is during the weekend, when the market was open.

Our group decided to take a third visit to “The Barras”. As they say, Three time’s a charm.


September 18th 10:53 am

“The Space”

Our visit to a nearby building – “The Space” – informed us of all the work currently in place to try and repair the damaged society nearby.

Starting from nothing, no help from the government, no water, no electricity or
toilets, they have transformed the building into a community Centre. Their
ambition is to help people around them: Help with food, drink, living space,
mental health and entertainment.

Their affordable cafe operates under the phrase “pay what you feel”, and have no
set prices for the menu, asking only for a donation in return. All food and drinks
offered are healthy and vegan!

In the four years since The Space has opened, they have impressively managed to pay off their personal loans. In order to help them pay this off, they offer
affordable studio space in the floors above to artists of all ages!

The surrounding community do everything they can to support them, anything
from helping behind the counter to carpentry and designing the interior.

The Space understands what they want to do to help others, but they need an
architect’s vision in order to direct them, and that’s where we come in!

September 18th 10:45 am

Site Visit

We went to the site for the first time on Tuesday the 18th of September. We began the day by deciding to work as one big group of 24, whereas initially we were assigned into smaller groups of 6.

We decided to work as one big group as it meant that we together had formed a community amongst ourselves, which tied in quite well with us focusing on the community in Calton as a whole. From this we were better able to understand the issues and problems communities have.

First thoughts surrounding the area upon our visit: cold, non-existing, silent, empty, grey, ugly, shit, desolate, outdated, sad.

The area is extremely empty on a Tuesday – midday. We know the market is only up during the weekend, so we will head back then – as the market is the heart of the community.

September 18th 4:17 pm

Introducing Ourselves

We are group 15 – our location is the White Clay Pipe Factory down on Bains Street. This site is by the well-known market – “The Barras” – and the famous music venue – “The Barrowlands”.

The theme of this project is “At Risk”. Our task is to look into the site and the locales, looking at the community and why this area is “at risk”.

September 18th 4:16 pm