Cattle Market Bellgrove


We started to explore how the decline of industry on the site has effected the locale and in relation to the wider discourse, what was causing the decline.

By overlaying maps from as far back as 1807 and to the present day, it was clear to see the increased industry and with it, the increased population density within the local area. Comparing the area at the high of industry and the area now, we could see how the lost industry also has resulted in the decline of high density tenement housing.

Throughout Glasgow  the decline of industry has also resulted in the reduction of high density housing, public buildings and a sense of community.

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September 18th 11:59 am

Historical Timeline

1817 – The land was bough over by Glasgow City Council.
1866 – Due to the Slaughterhouse Act of 1865, 4 new pitched roofs were built over the site.
1911 – Opened to the public.
2001 – Closed off from public.
2003 – Site suffered extreme damage from arson.
2005 – Completely razed.
2014 – External investigation finds site now disused following partial use as a Car Market.
2018 – Urban Realm announces plans for the site to be redeveloped by Glasgow City Council.
2018 – Listed Building consents demolition of sections of former cable sheds.
2019 – Work to reverse or stop the environmental damage to site begins.
2020 – Infrastructure works begins on site and new installations to be added.

September 18th 3:13 pm


When first researching our site, the cattle market at Bellgrove, I was amazed I’d not previously heard of this huge industrial area of Glasgow. The old images and maps showed the locale full of giant cattle sheds and industrial warehouses.

The site itself was everything but this industrial urban heart, first imagined through the old photos. This no-mans land brownfield surrounding the remnants of the large central cattle shed made it difficult to get close to and appreciate the rusting massive structure.

Exploring the local area, links and remnants of the cattle market could be found all over, from the original meat market facade now meshed into a housing scheme, to the local pub named Drover, (a herd or flock of animals being driven in a body).

The locale felt rather divided and separated by this huge expanse, sitting in the centre of what once was a huge industrial centre. We set about exploring the impact of this lost industry and how its absence has effected the area.

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September 18th 12:21 pm