You Say You Care, But You Don’t – 9D

Again after our second tutorial we had some tweaking to do to our concept. The concept was clear enough in our minds but it was not necessarily clear to an audience, especially when it would be exhibited in a room of so many other concepts. Ours still seemed to subtle and didn’t stand out enough.

Despite all our own personal opinions, we knew controversy was the way to go. From what was firstly decided to be a sweet homage to these crumbling buildings, where those who loved and cherished them could re visit a physical prescence of them as a chance to hold onto a relive such great memories from the past. Was now to become a striking depiction of what society has done to these buildings, simply by the lack of doing anything.

The slogan “you say you care, but you don’t” was thrown about viciously to describe how we would now perceive the cemetery. No longer a place of worship, it would be a scrap pile on a crumbling site of a building at risk, filled with all the broken pieces, especially the historically recognisable ones, of the other at risk buildings around the city. It would symbolise the disregard and lack of care for these so called ‘beloved’ structures.

So many say they would hate to see these buildings fall, hate to see them go to waste. But do they then do anything about that? Even the people in a position to do something about it, aren’t (we’re looking at you national heritage trust). We’ve decided to make a statement against the misuse and neglect of these valuable buildings which paved the way for Glasgow today. If nothing is done about them, action is taken, instead of being left empty to rot, they might as well be gone.

Instead of being looked at as an opportunity, they are scorned at, as dirty, as old, as ugly, as unsaveable. We would love to be able to visit them and use them and bask in the glory of such history but instead we witness each brick crumble as each day passes. Why leave them to stagnate when there is no saviour for them? Instead we see a scrap pile in a derelict locale in the south side of Glasgow. Let’s see who cares enough when it shows what little has been done, and what that means for these structures in the end, when they live out what could have been a regeneration of their life in a scrap heap instead. Something we find fitting – tossed on a pile, with just as much disregard as they were shown whilst they were standing.

September 18th 3:34 pm