Building Cemetery – 9D

After our first tutorial it was brought to out attention that our previous concept – Building At Refuge – may not be as creative as the brief may allow. The tutors suggested something that would be less subtle, more controversial, and more attention grabbing. This was when we recalled one of our previous ideas – a graveyard for buildings. At first we tried to combine the ideas, maybe a show of these buildings as you came in, realising that this place was acting as a temporary saviour for these places because this is what has happened to them. However, we didn’t want to overcomplicate it and knew the graveyard would be the more creative choice.

We would transform Howdens works into a place for dead and dying buildings to rest. All the buildings at risk we have come across in the past week, when their life is inevitably over we can take pieces of them to the cemetery and allow them to live on their. Memorialising them with an object, just as would be done a person.

The buildings would likely be demolished and the expanse of the run down Howdens works would become an expanse of rows of building material from every locale, to be able to pay respects to. Some may question if this is simply a museum, to which we would answer that surely a museum housing large stones of buildings that no longer exist, is named such but in fact is using a tombstone of sorts to respect the building, rather more similar to a graveyard or architecture than a ‘museum’.

September 18th 12:55 pm