Original Floor Plans for The Piano Showroom

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Layout plan of ground floor when used as the despatch area for the Glasgow Herald

September 18th 4:32 pm

Group Site Visit

Exterior View of The Piano Showroom

The plan above was prepared solely for the fitting out of the newspaper plant. The original construction drawings and blueprints allowed for flexibility in any proposed use of this floor.

The notice below was published in the Glasgow Herald of 30th January 1895, when the building was approaching completion. It offered space to rent, including the ground level which was eventually fitted out as the newspaper production area, part of which is shown in the above drawing. The ground floor was offered to let “as a whole or divided for Shops”

September 18th 4:00 pm

Historical Research

Behind the despatch area the fully automated Hoe “Double Sextuple Press” could print, cut, fold and deliver 24 page editions of the Herald at the rate of 56,000 copies an hour, or 12 page editions at 112,000 copies per hour! This was the largest press in the world at the time, introduced in 1903 by the firm of R. Hoe & Company of New York City and London.

In the early days of production the newspaper was created from Caxton’s patented hand presses. Steam powered presses were introduced in the 1840’s, capable of printing 1500 copies of a four-page newspaper per hour.

By accident or design, the completion of the new Herald premises coincided with the massive improvements in the technology behind newspaper production.

Notice in Glasgow Herald 30th January 1895, offering Mitchell Street premises to let

September 18th 4:33 pm