Assimilating Footage and Ideas | Team 8D

Fragmenting and Dissolving into Memory

Site visits for our team have been primarily concerned with taking an ‘inside-out’ view of the locale. This involved interviewing Local business owners with a set of questions to ascertain what each of their stances are on the fragile community they are part of. This process was particularly helpful in focussing the scope of our project’s investigation. One business owner would direct us to another who is also directly affected by the negative changes taking place on their High Street, but with a slightly different perception of what is really at risk to them.

When we asked Gordon the electrical appliance store owner how the disappearance of the Linen Bank building would affect him, his answer confirmed our opinion that it would be detrimental to the city’s cultural heritage, but we found it would not impact him directly. On the other hand, Samantha of 23 Enigma was of the opinion that it would directly impact her. Both individuals have different viewpoints and relationships to their community. Transcending these differences is the common appreciation and attachment to the local memory, what the High Street used to be.

Memory has thus become the focal point of our project – an unveiling of how this vital aspect forms the substance of the High Street’s identity, yet is being increasingly obscured, a reality which is embodied in the form of the British Linen Bank – a monument in stasis.





September 18th 12:13 pm