An Ode to Scaffolding… (5D)

The façade is currently covered in layer of scaffolding, so thick that it destroys the notion of the beautiful building. This industrial feature adds a sense of ugliness which creates juxtaposition. This is almost a metaphor for the wider city. The site would have been inhabited predominantly by working class.

The façade is a beautiful notion to what once stood, yet it is covered/ hidden by a thick layer of scaffolding – we ask WHY?
• We are exploring the juxtaposition between the beauty of the original façade and the ugliness of the current situation – perhaps this is serendipitous?
• This building was not built as a monument, and it needs a purpose.
• Therefore, we propose to bring back a purpose – with the scaffolding in tact.
• Scaffolding can be a sculpture in itself – we should build upon this quirk and allow people to re-interact with the façade via the scaffolding.
• Using this as a route upwards and through, we allow people to engage with the façade.
• The scaffolding provides the inspiration for this serendipitous moment – the conversation between the old and the new, the rich and the poor.

How can we reappropriate scaffolding in an interesting and considered manner to inject a sense of irony and beauty back into the facade to give it a purpose again?


September 18th 2:17 pm