A Port?!

With Layland Motor Company, as well as with the rest of the buildings we are focusing on within this project, it is visually obvious that a change is needed. Initially as a group, walking around the grey locale a state of semi-despair dawned on us. What to do?

The building itself is beautiful, but in its present state resembles only an echo of its glorious past as a vehicle show-room. More so, now, it speaks a language of warehouses and whole-sellers which surround it. Once belonging to a vibrant world of trading and architecture, its shell only faintly whispers: help me, I can still be of use.

The information we gathered, led us to place 140 Salkeld Street in Laurieston and while this is true, it’s a wonder why the address runs no trace of Port Eglinton. After all, the site itself was in Port Eglinton Basin, it was the origin of Paisley and Johnstone Canal. Never quite becoming a highly significant success, the remaining trace of maritime activity is in the name, (perhaps it would be a strong sentence if it was to finish there, but alas) and the railway viaduct, in place of the former canal which stands corrected.

So, are we going to propose a reinstatement of a long-lost port? Well, a theoretical one, of sorts. A port of the drifting mind and spirit. 

September 18th 12:10 pm