9A Site Visit

In the beginning of our project, we concentrated on the site – The Howden building on Scotland Street. We had arranged to meet at the site on Tuesday Morning in a group of 6. Luckily the subway station was right outside our locale therefore we did not need to walk far. When we first arrived, we noticed right away that there was a lack of community as people were nowhere to be seen. The only sound we heard was cars. As we went further into the site, we understood why the project “At Risk” is related to our locale. Initially the site looked abandoned and we did not think much of it. The building was beginning to fall apart however the façade remain robust even although the aesthetics of the bricks suggest otherwise.  To get a better look around the building, we went inside the land to explore the building and we discovered items such as sleeping bags and street art. We also discovered that the building is undergoing a project development.

We went back to the tent later that day and we discussed the building further concentrating on the existing building; its past, present and future. Some of our keywords we brainstormed which relates to the site were material, forms, existing use site in relation to the city, building history, future etc.



September 18th 12:45 pm