6A- About us

It’s a shabby setup, but what do you expect? With such little time to band together and create something watchable, you would expect a little less positive energy. Luckily, we’ve managed to miss the memo.

In fact, just as important as the project itself, one could say, is getting to know the people who have been assigned to stick around you for the past few days.

More than the increasing wealth of information about one another’s backgrounds, motivations and goals, the hours spent discussing a single purpose, the creation of this video, can be the root of a number of laughs, cries (of joy and disbelief) and finally, sighs of relief ( we’re still a few hours away from that last stage).

Suffice to say, that once this project is over, the good times will be far from that.


(And no matter how derelict our building seems, it might even stand a chance as well!)

September 18th 1:47 pm