14B- site visit & group discussion

We went to the site for the first time on Tuesday the 18th of September. We noticed this place is like a self-contained block, getting lost in the middle of the traffic center.

First of all, WHY AT RISK? After the panel discussion, we decided to split our research into three categories;

1: Safety

  • Proximity to the motorway
  • Half disused / vacant
  • Onset of physical barriers
  • What physical value does is pose to locale?


2: Human

  • Eyesore
  • Change of behaviour / living patterns
  • Perception of value
  • Can building bring value to local people


3: City / Locale

  • Butchered
  • Change of industry / economic state
  • Capitalist threat
  • Borderline


Some points for exploration for when we next meet:

  • Transport routes
  • Demographics / Ethnicities
  • Gap Sites / Disused land
  • Motorway Impact
  • Historical Maps / Comparisons
  • Section though site, Planar Levels



September 18th 9:20 pm