14B- M74 NO MORE

Stop Motion of Motorway

In 2011 building began for the M74, a major motorway which would cut right through the middle of Glasgow’s Southside further fragmenting neighbourhoods and butchering anything in its path. It would instead then make more sense to invest in a progressive and forward looking public transport infrastructure which directly supported those who need it most while perhaps helping to preserve the urban fabric of our city.

Perhaps here in Glasgow such an idea could transform that which has been left discarded in the shadow of the motorway and instead utilise historic rail and underground infrastructure, connecting communities via a web of people centred routes and indeed bring together those who are most often pushed apart.

A new local transport interchange on the site of St Andrews Printing Works could act as a vehicle for local change and growth, encouraging a natural blurring of boundaries and exchange of knowledge. Surrounded by vacant land it has potential for development to sustain a local economy and reuse and reimagine an area once dominated by industry. It would offer itself to the local people as a starting point for change and a central connecting factor amongst great differences.

By looking to bring together areas fragmented both physically via the motorway and via cultural difference, we could celebrate and indeed feed from the rich possibilities of local people to drive change and development in their own community.



September 18th 9:52 pm