13C Update 3: Evaluation

Scaffolding concept sketch

Caledonia Road Church as the potential to be a community hub and centre of life for a neighborhood once more as it would have been when it served surrounding tenement flats as a church.. While the nearby neighborhoods evolved, the burned out church as remained practically unchanged since the fire in 1965 and has lost its relevance within the community. Our group proposes to give the church a new purpose to allow it to be used by today’s residents of the Gorbals and Laurieston.

Scaffolding concept 

To be a catalyst for permanent change in the site we decided to create an intervention that was temporary but radical so as to pique the interest of the residents. The new purpose for the site is fun.

In the short term scaffolding will be used to explore the building at different levels while not affecting the building itself. Platforms and walkways will allow visitors to use the building in a new way and get a perspective on their own neighborhood that was not seen before.

With continued use of Caledonia Road Church and its site we hope that the area is once again adopted by the communities which surround it which would in turn change the area for the better.

A return to the past

The reduction in car use predicted for the coming decades and the car being the main issue that we have identified, paired with a new influx of people into the site, has potential to change the entire locale.

Potential organic development

September 18th 10:58 am