13C Update 2: Investigation

Reaction sketch

“The cars are strangling the building”

Having decided that the main problem with the site, and the reason that it is not being used, is that it is surrounded by cars we started our investigation by looking for other places in the city where cars and pedestrians exist in harmony.  Thinking that a possible solution could be to pedestrianise one or both of the roads or reduce the volume of traffic on them we also investigated a similar building, the old St Enochs subway station, now a coffee shop, which is still in use – we hypothesise because of how easy it is to access by foot. Potentially if our building, Caledonia Road Church,  was more easily accessible it could be used more widely for a new purpose in the same way.

Subway station given a new life as a coffee shop


Cars and pedestrians at Charing Cross


The lack of pedestrian activity could also be attributed to the high provision of  parking in the nearby residential developments such as the New Gorbals and Laurieston Living, encouraging residents to commute by car. Both of the nearby neighbourhoods, the Gorbals and Laurieston, seem to turn their back on this small patch of green space discouraging their residents to use it. This is exaggerated especially on the East side by a large wall and hedge creating a hard boundary between the site and the New Gorbals. 


September 18th 4:25 pm