13C Update 1: Site Visit

Caledonia Road Church

The first challenge of this project when we arrived at Caledonia Road church was accessing its site, an island surrounded by busy roads. What we found, upon closer inspection was a beautiful old church left to fall into disrepair seemingly forgotten by the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Caledonia Road Church sits on a triangular site sandwiched between the A728 and the A730; to its East The Gorbals, to its West Laurieston. The site itself seeming to be a no mans land with neither neighbourhood claiming it as their own. Currently, due to the heavy traffic and openness of the site to the surrounded roads, it is overwhelmed by traffic noise and generally not a pleasant place to be.

Our first instinct was the question what the area would be like without so many cars and came to the conclusion that it would likely have a completely opposite atmosphere.



September 18th 3:32 pm