Welcome the Mackintosh School of Architecture’s Vertical Project 2018.

At Risk: Glasgow

The substantial destruction of the Glasgow School of Art by fire and its cataclysmic impact on the school, residents and businesses reminds everybody of the vulnerability and fragile existence of numerous other buildings in the city particularly those which are currently vacant but considered to be of value for their historical significance or architectural merit. These buildings are recorded in the Buildings at Risk Register for Scotland (Glasgow) 

This two-week event held by the whole Mackintosh School of Architecture staff and students is a unique opportunity to celebrate the resilience of the city, its confidence and optimism by proposing the rebirth of a selected number of such buildings acting as catalysts for the regeneration of their surroundings. In this situation creative risks are to be taken with an architectural agenda, to speculate and provoke a critical debate relating to Glasgow’s built environment.

Building on a long tradition at MSA a vertical project allows students and staff the opportunity to work together in “vertical” groups that bring together a team from a cross section of our community. Each team is comprised of students from every year in the school, from Stage 1 to Masters, engaging the diversity of voices, ideas, experiences and backgrounds of the student and staff body that enriches our school.

This year the vertical project served two purposes: firstly, it allowed us to celebrate as a school the beginning of our Fiftieth year as the Mackintosh School of Architecture: and secondly it provided us with the opportunity to use our collective skills to imagine GSA, MSA and indeed Glasgow.

Eighteen buildings at risk, eighteen city locales – discovered, uncovered and reimagined by 450 students.